A Bit About Us

Colorado is a part of our soul, a part that has been with us from the start. Northern Colorado is where we call home and what an amazing home it is! Red Blossom Photography started in 2009 with a few family sessions here and there but quickly started adding weddings, engagement, and senior sessions. We have been truly blessed with all of our clients over the years – we could not have lasted this long if it weren’t for them. Will you join the Red Blossom family?

We are a team of two. Every session, every wedding has the same two photographers shooting. We truly believe that having two photographers gives an advantage that other photographers don’t have. When the same two people are taking pictures for each session, we can capture more in a shorter period of time. We can get photos from two different perspectives, giving a journalistic feel as well as a traditional photo where everyone is looking at the camera. Do you have kids? Having two photographers makes it even easier to get the needed shots much quicker so that the kids don’t get bored! Our goal is to make these sessions fun for everyone including ourselves! Meet the photographers…

Megan Cline

Hey everyone, I’m Megan! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Red Blossom Photography.

I’ve been taking pictures for forever, first starting off with my 110 Kodak camera, documenting all of our family adventures, and finally finding myself starting a photography business in 2009. What an incredible experience it has been working with so many amazing people – and I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Wanna know some crazy things about me? I thought so…I am absolutely obsessed with the color red, tiramisu, and avocados! Christmas is my favorite holiday and Autumn is my favorite season. I love a good sappy movie or book, but I absolutely love Hallmark Movies (don’t judge!). I have the cutest little dog, named Lexi, and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I’m completely one of those dog owners that post dog pictures like nobody’s business!

Julie Sperling

Hello all! Thank you for taking the time to check out Red Blossom Photography. I have always been interested in photography. As a teenager, I assisted my dad with his pre-digital photography venture, and once photography moved away from film, so did he.

My husband and son are my pride and joy. Miles, my son, loves to have his picture taken and does not understand why he cannot be in all pictures that Megan or I take, regardless of whose photo session we’re doing. In his opinion, everyone should have him in most of their pictures but, “They can have a couple of pictures by themselves”.

Wanna know some more crazy things about Megan? Just kidding. I will keep her secrets but share a few of my own. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday and spring is my favorite time of year. To me, spring means one thing…planting season! I love to garden. Vegetables, fruit, and flowers, it makes no difference to me, I love it all. I am not much into Hallmark Movies, but I love movies and shows about tornadoes. Yes, I am the girl that watches the weather channel and follows meteorologists online.

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