What to Wear

Let’s face it, coming up with THE outfit for your photo shoot is quite stressful – I mean, these photos will live on forever and you want to pick outfits that are timeless and classic, something that’s not going to scream “Hi – I live in the [insert decade here], how do I look?”.

What we love are pieces that look effortless, something that is not too matchy-matchy.  One common theme that we saw about 10 years ago was having everyone wear the same color/outfit – white shirt with blue jeans…how about black shirts with blue jeans?  While this look is okay based on the neutrality of the outfit, it lacks severely in personality.

So, how do you show personality in your outfits? Color, patterns, layering, accessories, etc. These are the items that will ultimate show WHO you are with WHAT you wear!  Follow these steps to figure out your clothing personality:

Step 1

What do you normally wear? Jeans, skirts, leggings, tennis shoes, high heeled shoes, scarves, etc. Whatever you wear most is what you’re going to feel most comfortable in.  If you are comfortable, then you are more likely to be yourself with cameras pointed at you for the next hour.

Step 2

Pick your main color. Use this color to weave together your outfits. For example, let’s select red to be our main color. Having a main color does NOT mean that it is used as the majority. It just means that the color will be part of each outfit. Outfit 1 – the red is solid shirt; Outfit 2 – red is the stripe in a horizontal striped shirt; Outfit 3 – red is in the flower in the scarf; and Outfit 4 – a red pair of shoes.

Step 3

Pick some supporting colors. These colors are intended to bring together the whole look.  Think of decorating a room.  Most interior decor is created with a palette of colors that work really well together. Use this same concept to create your outfits. Here’s an example of some supporting colors for our main “red” color.

These are only a few steps to help you come up with something wear. Do you need more ideas and examples? We have a plethora of ideas AND examples on our Pinterest page. So, head on over there and find something perfect for you to wear! Follow us on Pinterest to stay connected on what outfits and poses we love!

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