Product Care: Digital Files

You have the Digital Files, now what?

We take great pride and care in our work, and we hope that you care for these photos for years to come.  Here are some things to do so that you can ensure long-lasting photos.


Print the photos

Maybe you ordered prints from us, maybe you didn’t. Please don’t let that stop you from getting these photos printed. They deserve to be hung on your walls or sitting on your desk, reminding you of these special memories.  It’s hard to do that when the photos are sitting on the computer.  You can always come back and ask us about printing these photos on high-quality photographic paper, or just ask us for a recommendation on a printing company. Keep in mind, not all printing companies are the same!


Backup the digital files

Just because you received the photos electronically doesn’t mean they’ll stay safe, free from damage. Computers have a life cycle – what happens if your computer crashes and the photos are lost? Consider making a backup of the photos on a USB for added protection.  The link that you received to download your files is not available after a week or two – don’t rely on that link for future downloads!


Photo Release Statement

Accompanying your digital files is a photo release statement giving you rights to print and order products from your digital photos.  If you did not receive this, please contact us immediately and we’ll get that sent to you.  If you do not have this, you may run the risk of not getting your photos printed. Details of what the release includes are detailed in that document.

That’s it! Enjoy your photos!

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