Product Care: USB Care

You have a USB, now what?

We take great pride and care in our work, and we hope that you care for these photos for years to come.  Here are some things to do so that you can ensure long-lasting photos.


Print the photos

Maybe you ordered prints from us, maybe you didn’t. Please don’t let that stop you from getting these photos printed. They deserve to be hung on your walls or sitting on your desk, reminding you of these special memories.  It’s hard to do that when the photos are sitting on this USB.  You can always come back and ask us about printing these photos on high-quality photographic paper, or just ask us for a recommendation for a printing company. Keep in mind, not all printing companies are the same!


Backup the digital files

Just because you received this USB doesn’t mean that it’s exempt from files being lost or corrupted. Make a backup copy on your computer, on the cloud and even make a backup of these photos on another USB. Now that you’ve purchased these digital files with a photo release, we are no longer responsible for keeping and archiving your photos. If you do find that you have lost the photos and request a new copy, there may be additional costs incurred.


Practice safe keeping

This seems simple, but trust us, anything can happen! Keep the lid on the USB when not in use. Don’t leave the USB drive in your computer for a long period of time – it’s possible to bump into it and damage not only your USB port, but it can also damage the USB drive. When you remove the drive from your computer, please remember to EJECT the drive first.  This will allow your computer to safely close all files and applications to ensure that corruption does not occur.

That’s it! Enjoy your photos!

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