Senior Tips & Services

What happens during the photo session?

We’ve put together a few simple tips here that will help you better prepare for your senior photo session. This will ensure a fun, effective, and harmonious running of the shoot. Maybe this is your first time in front of the camera so keep on reading and everything will be just fine.

Just be you.

You are a unique individual. You’re more than just one person – you’re an athlete, a scholar, a rocker, a fun-loving friend. During your photo session, we’ll allow time for multiple wardrobe changes to highlight all of the many sides of your personality. We’ll coordinate locations and outfits to reflect the real you, at your best.

Show off your passion.

We’d love to photograph you doing what you love most. Whether it’s on the football field, out in nature, or at a neighborhood hangout that’s special to you, we want to show you in your natural element, being yourself and doing what you’re known for. Let’s plan a session on location based on your interests and passions.

After your shoot.

After the shoot, we’ll take the best of the best photos from the shoot and upload them to your personal gallery. It’ll take 1-2 weeks for this process to occur as we make our edits. After we send you an email with a link to view the photos, you will have one month to make your selections. We have tons of products to choose, and if you’re having a hard time choosing, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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