Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is one of THE big decisions that you have to make. Where do you start? And who do you know?

Asking friends/family for some recommendations is a fantastic place to start.  I’m sure you’ll get plenty of suggestions. How do you narrow it down to a few that you can select from?


Does the photographer have a portfolio? It is important to see the types of shots a photographer will capture during your wedding.  If the photographer is a newbie, they most likely will not have a portfolio – or maybe not an extensive one. If this is the case, look at other pictures that they’ve taken. Are they consistent? Do you like them?


Do you relate to the style of photos the photographer takes? Are they a lifestyle photographer – tend to shoot more candids that tell a story, Classic and traditional – more posed shots, etc. What about the way they edit the photos. Do you prefer for natural editing style (no filters) or do you like the filtered look?


Does the photographer have a process they follow? Do they have a suggested timeline? You may feel comfortable with someone that has a set process and can guide you through the day, or you may prefer someone who takes a more relaxed approach.


Does the photographer have a contract? We highly recommend selecting a photographer who does work under a contract. This is for your protection AND the photographer’s protection.  The contract should outline exactly what you can expect from your photographer.  If they do not have one, We recommend moving on. Period.

Go with your gut

I know that you may be working with a friend, or someone you know. Don’t let that cloud your judgment. You are paying a lot of money and you deserve to hire a photographer you can trust – if that’s not your photographer friend, then that’s ok!  Think about you and your fiance, that’s all that matters!

We would love if you hired us, but please choose who is best for you, and that may not be Red Blossom. But, if you would like to more about what we can offer you for your wedding day, please contact us!

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